Full Service E-Commerce

we manage all your ecommerce operations for you

In order to facilitate the transition of companies to e-commerce, we provide services that provide all the processes since 2002. We create a dedicated team for you completely and ensure that your brand is positioned right on e-commerce in all processes, from logistics to marketing.

We have many years experience in e-commerce outsourcing (e-commerce outsourcing), and we provide 360 degree services to companies ranging from analytical processes to warehouse solutions.


0 years, dozens of customers, hundreds of experience

We develop our customers with over 10 years of experienced e-commerce experience. We are not only in technical matters, but in all the work that you will need to create an e-commerce store. We create all your operational processes such as sales marketing, warehouse, logistics …

Site Management Services

Content and master data management

We do all the necessary content work in the process of getting your e-commerce system rolled out. We work with our content team to keep the e-commerce site alive, such as product database, descriptions, product photography, blog content …

Sales & Marketing

Manage your stores with expert teams

Our ecommerce specialists are constantly working to make your ecommerce system sell more. Together with RND Partners, they are able to make more visits and sales on the site by conducting appropriate campaigns and collaborations.

CRM Applications

More visitor, more purchase

We record almost all the information about your customers on the system. By understanding similar customer experiences on this page, we can make product and campaign recommendations.

Warehouse Operations

Fully customized, fast and agile warehouse solutions for e-commerce

We manage your e-commerce depot with full service understanding. Dilersen in the RND repository, we are hosting the products in the central depot. With custom warehouse solutions we have developed for e-commerce, we are able to move product movements much faster.

Payment Systems

Bank integration with dozens of single POS

We have integrations with almost all of our integrated payment systems in Turkey’s infrastructure. In this way, we can make installment and campaign works with all banks, we can arrange special conditions for credit cards. Garanti, Akbank, Isbank, Yapi Kredi, Türkiye Finans, Bank Asya, Denizbank and HSBC, as well as with banks such as Finansbank, PayPal, PayU, we carry on working with payment systems such as Iyzico.

Logistic Services

Manage your stores with expert teams

We work under the scope of our special agreements with our business partners that we have been working with for many years on our logistics processes. In order to ensure the fastest and trouble-free delivery of your products, we carry out all our processes in an integrated way with online solutions.