15th Year Achievement
E-commerce Partnership

Our biggest winners are our business partners

Over the past 15 years, with our customers adding value to us, our greatest achievements have been our business partners. We have signed many successes together with our business partners. Come join the business partners who are using the RND infrastructure.

Become a Business Partner

dozens of customers, hundreds of experience

We know very well that it is not possible to produce local solutions with global applications. At this point, RND offers you the solution you need. The infrastructure for easily implementing many local brands in Turkey and provides support to you in every process.

Why RND?

we know very well the support you need!

The RND e-commerce infrastructure developed in Turkey, today used by dozens of large retail companies and is being tested. Fully developed specifically to conditions in Turkey. It provides Turkish support for your customers to adapt quickly and strengthens you. Local, fast, tested, RND for a resultant solution.

Contact with us

Contact us, let’s accompany you to our long e-commerce project. From the projecting phase, we produce the solution that should be as far as the broadcast process.