Scale your business with Omnichannel

we offer a unique infrastructure for simultaneous sales from all channels

With RND e-commerce infrastructure, you can make sales from different channels. With the different e-commerce applications you have developed on mobile applications, tablet applications, social networks and similar platforms, you can track sales from many channels through a single system.

Mobile, Ipad, Kiosk ... sell from anywhere

RND e-commerce platform is prepared for sale from all alternative channels. You can make simultaneous sales from all devices and report transactions based on platform.

New or trendy channels will not be binding or blocking for you. You can easily create a new merchant.

Sell from store, transfer from warehouse

Imagine an independent system of warehouse, store and location. You can present all of your products in a messy structure to your customers, sell your products from different locations, and deliver products from the nearest store.

The warehouse module of the RND e-commerce system is designed to answer all your Omnichannel needs. You can take your products out of whatever you want, and you can manage them all together. You can define premiums to your store staff for your sales.

Contact with us

Contact us, let’s accompany you to our long e-commerce project. From the projecting phase, we produce the solution that should be as far as the broadcast process.