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Are you thinking of creating an e-commerce site? We have built on the RND system, the sales scenarios we have experienced for many years, and continue to develop and continue to develop. We work with highly dynamic companies, especially those operating in the retail sector, to keep pace with their pace and movements, providing many practical applications. With these applications, many of our customers who use the RND system get one step ahead of their competitors.

Billions of Visitors and Sales

E-commerce applications are constantly being refreshed and we are constantly adapting to this renewal. We do not want any of our customers to be back from innovative practices.

In the RND system, we now offer an integrated platform for your Internet applications. We collect the results of your marketing efforts on many platforms to a common point.

We work with many platforms, such as social networks, mobile apps, tablets …

Performance Based Infrastructure

Now plan for your brand an e-commerce site that is constantly online and sellable, with a powerful and extensible infrastructure developed entirely in a performance-focused way.

Invite as many clients as you want to your site, make it easy to hear from each channel, RND e-commerce system will manage all your order processes perfectly.

Seamless, fast and powerful infrastructure.

e-commerce research and development

Fast and Agile

RND’s infrastructure has been developed with a completely innovative approach. The mobile world is equipped with new marketing techniques that are compatible with social networks, new applications, and offers an infrastructure that produces solutions from A to Z.

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We attach great importance to innovations and develop ourselves. Our aim is not to establish a quiet system. We are constantly developing our infrastructure with the developing world and we are making radical changes when it is deemed necessary.

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We have dozens of new campaigns running every day in our ecommerce sites. These campaigns are turning into thousands of orders. Our campaign modules are dynamically managed by our customers.

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Contact us, let’s accompany you to your long e-commerce project. From the projecting phase, we produce the solution that should be as far as the broadcast process.